Harmony Boom Island is a humongous beast that swims
around the world, inhabited by a mad scientist and the various
monsters that she created. They are quite fond of donuts.

Sometimes they have adventures.







  Harmony Boom Island
  created by P. Calavara
  and Christine Malek.
  Deal with it.

 Harmony Boom Industries

Since 2011, the escapades and adventures of the denizens of Harmony Boom Island have been ruthlessly exploited by Harmony Boom Industries, a money-grubbing collection of ruthless fat-cat business tycoons.

For business purposes or to pitch your fabulous invention ideas for them to steal, they can be reached at:

phone: 360.259.2358

email: boomharmony@gmail.com

Executive Officers:

Christine Malek– a cunning entrepreneur who made her fortunes in the cut-throat stuffed animal industry, where her voracious appetite for destroying her competitors led her to create an entire line of stuffed creatures made entirely from the bones and poly-fil of lesser stuffed animals. Little girls loved the line and her fortune was made.

P. Calavara– technically two twins standing on each other's shoulders to appear almost as tall as an average business person, P. Calavara is a businessman only in the most technical definition of the word- that definition being that the bank would, technically have to accept any checks that they had signed, in spite of the obvious warning signs.

Corporate History

In late 2011, while at an art show, Polly Calavara popped a button off of her pants, because that happens, like, all the time for absolutely no reason. Seeing local seamstress and stuffed animalologist Christine Malek walking by, Polly asked if she had a needle and thread, which, of course, she did. Born out of this collaboration was a mutual desire to work together again on a project that wasn’t repairing a pair of pants. A jacket, maybe? Or darning some socks? Perhaps creating an island world inhabited by several species of animal- to appear across multiple mediums and installations? Or maybe knitting a hat? The possibilities were endless!

Drunk on power, the answer could only be a gigantic multimedia empire built on the back of a monsterous island, prowling the seven seas looking for sailors lonely enough to be eaten. Books! Posters! Stuffed Animals! Paintings! Prints! Diaramas! Is there any depth we won’t sink to in order to spread the gospel of Harmony Boom??? Yes, probably you won’t see Harmony Boom Brand Cup Noodle, probably!